As a composer, singer and teacher, Lucie Prod'homme divides her time between teaching and creation.

Collaboration and exchanges with other musicians, visual artists, film makers, sculptors and writers frequently lead her to new sonic adventures which stir and stimulate her curious ears, and allow her to share the energy at the core of her composition work.

Consequently, her varied catalog of acousmatic, mixed and instrumental compositions includes concert pieces, radio pieces, applied music (such as dance, installations, and video), and music for young interpreters, among others.

She has been commissioned by Radio France (Festival Présence), the INA-GRM, J. Raynaut's "Musique d'Aujourd'hui" workshop, the Ubris Studio, the Earagail Arts Festival (Ireland), the Laboratoire Musique et Informatique in Marseille (MIM), the ACLM, Teatropera, the EMMDAL in Vitrolles, and the Musiques Inventives in Annecy (French state commission). Her music has also been played on France Musique Radio ("Electrain de nuit", "Electromania"), and at various venues and festivals such as Futura Festival, Klang festival, Sounds French Festival (Electronic Music Fondation - New-York), the Vasarely Fondation, the GMEM, the Cité de la Musique Marseille, the Exhibitronic Festival, Octandre's concerts, the GMVL, etc.

As research and composition have always been inseparable for her, she has been an active member of the MIM from 1996 to 2008, where she participated in the elaboration of a new music analysis tool -- the Temporal Semiotic Units (UST), and developed several pedagogical applications of this tool. More recently, she has been working on the role of silence in music, investigating ways in which audible and silent energy can be integrated to music composition, such as in her acousmatic cycle Leçon du Silence.

Lucie Prod'homme is the instrumental and electroacoustic composition teacher at the Conservatoire de musique in Perpignan, France. She regularly gives lectures and training courses in electroacoustic music, contemporary music, and free improvisation as a pedagogical tool.

She is also the sing'actress of the Lulu Berlue Trio (whacky musical theatre, improvised music and contemporary vocal music), and the current president of the AECME, the Association of Electroacoustic Composition Teachers in France.