Lucie Prod'homme

Cycle Leçon du silence

Leçon du silence 13'13
J'ai un grain et je craque 12'00
Comme un malentendu 9'15
Étire-toi de là! 10'15
Tu es démasqué 14'50

This cycle explores methodically the energy of silence and of matter, and the ways of listening to it. Leçon du silence is a research and a reflection on how to compose silence.

In this work, silence is a kind of sound (the same way zero is a number). It lives such as a sound matter, and not only like a respiration or a caesura.

It takes the time to exist.

I elaborate silence such as any other material, I shape it, I craft the way we to listen to it, and I induce an intensive perceptual state, conducted by the sonic or silent energy, in order to give it its substance and to make it become real for the listener. Then I bet that the listener will ignore the background noise, that he or she will hear silence the same way as sound, hear it as such and distinguish all those different textures, densities, and thicknesses.

Leçon du silence is therefore a work on perception, and the challenge here is to allow everyone to grasp something that does not have any physical reality, to make everyone apprehend sounds and silences with the same attention, recognize both as constitutive materials of the work, and listen to these "sounding silences".

Thus silence really exists. We just have to hear it.