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Hidden Dimensions (2021), sound installation

MUMUTH GRAZ (Lichtenfelsgasse 14, Foyer)

Eröffnungsperformance (Davor B. Vincze & Franz Schmuck): 20.11.2021, 19:00


ab 22.11. täglich 13:00-18:00

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Hidden Dimensions

String theory of particle physics says that all atomic particles are essentially vibrations with different frequencies of strings in the many dimensional fabric of spacetime. Inspired by that thought, I explored the analogy of the so-called hidden dimensions of subatomic particles and the partials that remain “hidden” to the human ear, where rather than hearing separate units, one perceives all partials as a single sound.

Since spring coils exist in visible and hidden dimensions – along and about the axis of the spring – and have a very rich sound spectrum, I decided to exploit this richness and zoom in on particular elements of that complex sound. The installation consists of 18 hanging half-spheres, presented as alternating pairs of analogue and digital sound sources. The analogue half-spheres have springs hanging from them and serve as resonators, while the digital ones are activated by transducers and serve as speakers. Spun in a form of a spiral, these hanging objects enclose a galaxy-like space. The audience can enter that space and with their presence and interaction with springs, effect change in the digital sound. Special thanks to Franz Schmuck who helped with the design and the construction, as well as my mentor from Stanford University, Jonathan Abel, who adapted his modal reverberator to simulate the imagined springs in this installation.

Davor Branimir Vincze

Davor Branimir Vincze 
is an internationally active, versatile composer, with a vision of music as a multitude of points on a multidimensional space. To explore this imaginary space, Vincze conceptualizes various algorithms, of late more frequently integrating machine learning and AI models. After completing his composition studies in Graz and Stuttgart, Vincze specialized in electronic and algorithmic music at the Ircam in Paris and finally completed his doctorate at Stanford University in the class of Brian Ferneyhough. His compositions have been performed by renowned international musicians like Ensembles Modern, Recherche, and Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, Talea and Slagwerk den Haag, JACK, Mivos and Del Sol Quartet, Secession and No Borders Orchestra. Slovene and Zagreb Philharmonic etc, at festivals such as Présences, Impuls, MATA, Manifeste, Darmstadt, Zagreb Biennale and others. In 2014, he launched an international contemporary music festival - Novalis. His works are published by the French publishing house Maison ONA. 

In 2020/21, Vincze was the winner of "Boris Papandopulo Prize” for the best Croatian composer of contemporary music, winner of the European Contemporary Composition Orchestra competition, winner of the best audiovisual work at the International Competition Città di Udine (Italy), as well as one of five awardees of 'New Music, New Paths' competition in Hong Kong, and he got selected for the artist residency both at the Institute of Electronic Music in Graz (2021) as well as at SWR Experimentalstudio (2022).





A Sound Map of the Housatonic River (2010), 4-channel sound installation

MUMUTH GRAZ (Lichtenfelsgasse 14, Foyer)

Installationsdesign: Lea Sonnek und Lukas Traxler


20.10. 13:00-15:00
21.10. 13:00-15:00
22.10. 15:00-18:00

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A Sound Map of the Housatonic River

is a four-channel sound installation; it is an aural tracing of the river from its sources in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, to Long Island Sound, Connecticut. Each recorded site is located on a wall map with a number. Beside the map is the corresponding number, followed by the time at which that site can be heard, the place name, and where the recording was made. The installation was commissioned by the Housatonic River Museum, a project in development in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Annea Lockwood

Born in New Zealand in 1939 and living in the US since 1973, Annea Lockwood is known for her explorations of the rich world of natural acoustic sounds and environments, in works ranging from sound art and installations, through text-sound and performance art to concert music. Her music has been performed in many venues and festivals including: the Possibility of Action exhibition at MACBA Barcelona, De Ijsbreker, the Other Minds Festival-San Francisco, the Walker Art Center, the American Century: 1950 – 2000 exhibition at the Whitney Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum, Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Westdeutscher Rundfunk, CNMAT Berkeley, the Asia-Pacific Festival, Donaufest 2006 Ulm, the Donau Festival Krems, the 7th Totally Huge New Music Festival Perth, Ear To The Earth Festival – New York and Sonic Acts XIII.

Her sound installation, A Sound Map of the Danube, has been presented in Germany, Austria and the USA. This is a surround ‘sound map’ of the entire Danube River, incorporating a wide variety of water, animal and underwater insect sounds, rocks from the riverbed and the voices of those whose lives are intimately connected to the river. Other recent projects include Ceci n’est pas un piano, for piano, video and electronics commissioned by Jennifer Hymer; Jitterbug, commissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, a six channel soundscape with two improvising musicians; and In Our Name, a collaboration with Thomas Buckner based on poems by prisoners in Guantánamo. She was a recipient of the 2007 Henry Cowell Award. Her music has been issued on CD and online on the Lovely Music, Ambitus, EM, XI, Rattle, Lorelt, and Pogus labels.